EV Recruitment at the EV charging summit & expo.

The buzz around the EV Recruitment booth was nonstop. There were constant conversations with both companies and job seekers with a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from hardware, SaaS, turnkey installers, microgrids, and engineering service companies. We were all excited to discuss future product plans, growth objectives, or potential new career opportunities. Regardless of the conversation, one thing remained constant: There was an overwhelming amount of support from booth visitors in seeing a company 100% dedicated to hiring in the EV industry. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

EV Recruitment’s show was capped off by a panel led by our CEO, Raymond McSpirit, discussing strategic growth planning. The panel consisted of Natalie King, Founder and CEO of Dunamis Charge; Michelle Kershaw, CEO of Humantics and HR Director for Alpitronic in the US; and Michael Young, Managing Partner at Tale Venture Partners. It was a much-needed conversation around sustainable growth covering how to scale culture, how to add talent both internally and externally, and how to raise capital in these tough markets.

It wasn’t all about business though. One thing our team at EV Recruitment has noticed over the past few years in the space is how tight-knit this industry is. Jason Cortes from Autel Energy and Shaun Shuler from Edge Energy hosted happy hours which gave everyone a chance to personally catch up from the last time we saw each other at a show.

We’re excited to work with new clients coming out of the show including Pando Electric, an L2 multifamily hardware solution; ADS-Tec a BESS/EV Charging integrated system; and McFarland and Johnson, an electrical design engineering firm.
Industry Trends:

The EV Charging Summit has some of the best energy of any shows out there. With all the excitement and forward-thinking conversations, here are 5 things we took away from the show:

  1. Big Names Missing - We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing big brands that are a staple of the EV Charging industry. At EVCS, they were nowhere to be found. There were no big booths for ChargePoint, Blink, ABB E-Mobility, Tritium, etc. With Tesla now scaling back EV Charging efforts, there is room for new players with niche verticals to gain market share.
  2. Microgrids and Integrated Solutions - The ultimate vision of many is to see EV Charging station microgrids everywhere, some combination of solar/wind, battery storage, and EV Charging. We’re seeing companies tout their integrated microdgrid solutions as the next iteration outside of just EV charging stations.
  3. Charging as a Service - EV Charging education remains a hurdle for Chargepoint Operators. Charging as a Service (ChaaS) aims to simplify this, removing the intimidating CAPEX of EV Charger installations, and instead allowing CPOs to opt for a subscription model. While simpler for CPOs, it remains to be seen which ChaaS providers can deliver on uptime promises at scale.Charging as a Service
  4. Energy Management Software - Everywhere we look, there is a new energy management software leveraging AI to optimize energy usage during EV Charging sessions. While this is a very important solution, the few companies that get in with utilities with ultimately win out.
  5. Engineering Services - Are we out of the early adopter phase for engineering services companies? It depends on where you are. It’s not a groundbreaking answer, but if you’re in an area with low EV adoption, you should gear up your team to take on EV charger turnkey projects. Despite the headlines, EVs are coming.

The EV Charging Summit in 2024 was a landmark moment for us at EV Recruitment. We couldn’t be more excited to continue supporting companies’ growth, and we looking forward to working together for many years to come.

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